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On the path of life, there are often points in which you need to stop, look within, and determine what is preventing you from being your best self in your life and in your relationships. This may involve developing insight and awareness of your life-long patterns of thinking, feeling, and relating to others. Do these patterns cause you sadness, pain, frustration, or loss?


The team at CSIP is here to support you in dating, relationships, and beyond...

  • Attract and build healthy relationships

  • Cope with relationship issues - relationship anxiety, conflict, break-ups and divorce

  • Overcome anxiety and depression

  • Support during pregnancy, infertility, miscarriage and loss

  • Adjust to parenthood as a parent and partner


Our therapists are here to help guide you along the many relational steps in your life.


Our Mission:  To heal unresolved relational traumas and experiences that prevent secure connection with loved ones. Our therapists support the desire to restore and strengthen healthy attachment through a warm and responsive therapeutic alliance and empower you to develop healthy attachment behaviors to help you transform your relationship with yourself and others. As a result, we strengthen relationships, families and communities through nurturing self-aware, empowered, secure and healthy adolescents and adults. 

Our team: Consists of highly trained, doctoral-level therapists in Denver, Colorado, specializing in attachment-oriented relationship counseling. Read our bioscontact us with questions. Our therapists use an individualized approach to help you identify how early experiences shape your adult relationship experiences and how to get you unstuck from these patterns. Committing to individual therapy will help you overcome barriers and develop the skills necessary for healthy, satisfying relationships.

You can expect: An authentic, collaborative, knowledgeable, and understanding environment, coupled with a gentle push towards change. Our approach focuses on building a strong working and trusting relationship with you, which provides the foundation to identify, explore, process, and change unhealthy patterns.

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Center for Shared Insight’s founder and director, Dr. Kristen Hick, is an expert contributor to the following sites: The Good Men Project, Meet Mindful, Digital Romance, and YOGAnonymous. Visit our blog for answers to top questions related to building and sustaining healthy relationships.


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