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Emerging Womanhood: Finding Yourself After Kids

mom laughing with daughters

You’ve spent the better part of the last two to ten years putting your children’s needs far above your own. You’ve spent countless months on a nursing and/or pumping schedule, long nights rocking little ones, and endless days cleaning up after them. Your children have consumed nearly all of your time and energy, and you have possibly even thrived within those dynamics.

Now, your little ones are off to school and you're off to...well, you’re not sure. With some quiet time to yourself and less daily chaos in your home, you’re left wondering what to do next. Maybe you’re even wondering what you enjoy anymore, and possibly even ...

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Relationship Question Answered: How do I overcome my fear of intimacy?

Couple kissing near the ocean

Intimacy is a necessary part of any healthy relationship. While it’s most common to think of intimacy as physical closeness, intimacy takes many important forms in a healthy relationship such as emotional closeness, friendship, intellectual alignment, and attachment. A close cousin to intimacy is vulnerability, which is a willingness to put yourself at risk for heartache, rejection, or abandonment, in order to be fully in a relationship. Both of these emotions take the courage to step outside your comfort zone and don’t come easy to everyone.

Fear of intimacy shows up in many forms and for a variety of reasons; three of which we’ll discuss here.

Perceived Limitations

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Why is my partner pulling away as we get more serious?

Girl and guy on a bridge look at eachother

At Center for Shared Insight, PC, we are committed to answering your most burning relationship questions. In fact, the very core mission of our practice includes sharing insight gathered from thousands of hours spent supporting, educating and guiding clients on their personal journeys of better understanding relationship dynamics.

While pulling away in a relationship is often attributed to male behavior, this can happen from either partner and is often a pattern that emerges as partnerships start to get more serious and a bigger commitment is on the table. Here are some insights to help you better understand why a romantic partner pulls away:

Fear of commitment

Especially if your ...

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Singles: 3 Memorable Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day Solo

Girl holding heart shaped snowball

Having a “single” relationship status can be difficult during notable holidays that often involve couples and family – especially Valentine’s Day. For some, it may be a glaring reminder that you are single when the rest of the world says you “should” be in a relationship with a significant other. For others, it may be a welcomed day in which you are no longer in the unhealthy, painful relationship you once were. Either way, it’s impossible not to be bombarded with reminders of love, affection, and couplehood during this time of year. If you are preparing for a solo Valentine’s Day, check out these three ways to honor ...

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Ways to Bring Closure to Your Year

The holidays are a powerful, reflective time of the year and the transition to a new year often necessitates a sense of introspection about our impact in the world. Many of you may look back on 2016 and remember fondly the good that came into your life. Whereas, others may feel a sense of loss, anger, tragedy, and/or heartache, and anxiously await for this dreadful year to end so that you can begin again in the New Year.

Many of our clients at Center for Shared Insight are committed to a continuous process of self-reflection and improvement and our therapists work with these clients – from all walks of life – ...

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Part 1: Fearless Boundaries: Healthy Boundaries for Better Relationships

Couple holding hands

In a world of endless choices, desires, and opportunities, the practice of forming boundaries is something we don’t often consciously learn in our formative years. As an adult, you might not completely understand exactly what a boundary is, how it is established, and why it is helpful to you. Boundary-building is a relatively new skill to learn and establishing these “codes of conduct” is essential to healthy relationships and beyond.

Boundaries are imaginary lines we draw around ourselves to protect our physical and emotional self from the behavior and demands of others. Setting good boundaries requires knowing, accepting, communicating, and upholding limits. The need for such lines often comes ...

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A Year of Fearless Living: Lean into Fear & Learn to Love

It’s been twelve whole months since Dr. Hick helped us embark on a year of fearless living. Here, she offers some final wisdom to our grateful hearts.

Well folks, it’s been a year—a year of stepping outside of your comfort zones, imagining how your life, work, relationships, and health could be different, of expanding yourself beyond what you thought was possible—through fearlessness

Can you believe it? I certainly cannot.

As I prepared to write the final piece (of many chapters to be written on life’s journey) of this year’s series on Fearless Living in 2015, I looked back at where it all began—and I encourage you to do ...

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