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The Intersection of Relationships & Suicide

While it’s a well-known fact that healthy relationships add to one’s life expectancy, less is known about the effect of relationships and suicide rates. In this post, we’ll examine the impact of positive relationships, toxic relationships, and breakups on suicidal tendencies, signs to look for, and how to get help.

Healthy Relationships

Not only does a romantic relationship contribute to more happiness, all social connections, whether those be with friends, family, neighbors, or colleagues improve well-being. We are primed for connection and community, and being in healthy relationships eliminates feelings of isolation and depression. If you or someone you know is struggling with prolonged sadness and even ...

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Meet Camille Virginia, founder of Master Offline Dating

Camille Virginia is an award-winning writer, founder of Master Offline Dating, and author of The Offline Dating Method. She helps single women ditch the dating apps and attract great men in the real world. She is passionate about helping people create a more fulfilling life across every aspect: friendship, career, family, and romantic. Learn more about Camille and her mission in our recent interview with her.


1. With online dating being so popular, what advantages do you see to moving away from that trend and toward your model of "offline dating"?

"Popular" is an interesting word…it makes me think of the "popular" kids in middle school, who were ...

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How to Talk to Your Therapist About Sex

Some topics are easy to talk with your therapist about, such as problems sleeping, or lack of a work/life balance. Others might require more vulnerability, including gender identity questions or challenges related to sex. At our therapy practice in Denver, Colorado, we encourage clients to have uncomfortable conversations with our team of specialists, including those related to sex. In this post, we’ll provide some strategies to make talking with your therapist about sex easier.

First, Do Your Research

Sex is often still seen as a “taboo” topic of conversation, which can sometimes make it challenging to bring up in therapy. Finding a therapist that is comfortable exploring and addressing ...

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Mixed Signals: Trusting Actions Over Words


We’ve all trusted the words of a partner and let promises of change propel the relationship forward. Especially if your love language is words of affirmation the commitments your partner makes to you are vital to building confidence in your relationship. But, how often have your partner’s actions not matched those promising words? How do these mixed signals make you feel, particularly if you have an anxious attachment type? We’ll explore the answers to these questions and more in this blog post.

Handling Mixed Messages

Misaligned words and actions can feel like mixed signals to the recipient. It’s often hard to properly decode such situations and ...

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Growing Through Difficult Situations

Whether it’s heartbreak, loss, or unwanted change, difficult situations often evoke feelings of anxiety, fear, and sadness. While it’s important to own and honor these very natural responses to challenging times in your life, these periods are also an opportunity for growth. 

In fact, growth can very often be stimulated by difficulty, and the learning and expansion that occurs during challenging times can get you to a new place - one that you likely could not have imagined while moving through the rough time. This is not because of the loss or heartbreak you experience, but because of how you choose to overcome it. Its about all the ...

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Meet the Therapists: Dr. Mallaree Blake, PsyD.


In this interview with Mallaree Blake, PsyD., we'll learn more about everything from Dr. Blake's favorite way to spend a day to her top book recommendations.

Dr. Mallaree Blake, PsyD. provides specialized treatment for pregnancy, perinatal and postpartum health, infertility, dating and relationships, anxiety and depression, sexuality and sexual health, as well as LGBTQ and cultural identity concerns.

Therapists have the great honor of witnessing some awe-inspiring changes and human experiences. What inspires you most about your work as a therapist?

Watching clients begin to witness their inner strength and self-efficacy. I love witnessing the moment when a client starts to realize they are capable, valued, and enough as they are. It’s the ...

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Meet the Therapists: Dr. Brittany Woolford, PhD.

In this interview with Dr. Brittany Woolford, PhD., we'll learn more about everything from Dr. Woolford's journey as a therapist to her favorite food. Dr. Brittany Woolford, PhD. joins our practice to provide specialized treatment for couples and families for issues including relationships, break-ups, divorce, sexual health, military life, and more.

Therapists have the great honor of witnessing some awe-inspiring changes and human experiences. What inspires you most about your work as a therapist?

One of the most powerful moments to witness in therapy is when a client realizes that something he or she thought was a permanent issue, a part of who they are, suddenly feels changeable. ...

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