CSIP UPDATE - Online Therapy Available During Covid-19
Our therapists are here to help you during this uncertain time. We know you and others are trying to do your part to social distance due to covid-19, which is why we are happy to provide online therapy sessions through our secure video platform. We are here to talk with you about how we can meet your therapy needs. 
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Professional Testimonials

David Rakofsky, Psy.D.

"Having known Dr. Kristen Hick for nearly the last decade, I have been fortunate enough to watch the passion (at some points, literally watching at her side) and focus this psychologist takes in caring for her clients, everyday. She demonstrates an unswerving commitment to traveling difficult terrain with some highly sensitive and injured people, while always adhering to the professional ethics of our discipline. Helping to navigate the difficult straits of close relationships—with some who are stuck in a fatiguing churn of online dating, the painful process of a break-up or divorce, or with others too gun shy from trauma and pain to even begin to engage in becoming vulnerable through relationships—is an area Dr Hick has become expert in over her career. As a result of her attention to this area of everyday life, she now possesses a highly attuned and expansive vocabulary for the patterns she has seen emerge in her clients. The result of all this focus on relationships? A way to help adults, longing for relationships of substance and safety, create new, healthier relationship patterns as they go through their lives."
~David Rakofsky, Psy.D., Colleague and Former Supervisor, President of Wellington Counseling Group, Chicago

Drina Nibbe, LMFT

"I feel confident when referring clients who want to work on relationship-readiness or enhancement to Dr. Kristen Hick. Clients gain a sense of security experiencing Dr. Hick’s support and essential nudging to bring on long-term change. Dr. Hick understands the nature of how our own self-reflection and insight are hard skills to master, but critical in finding relief from our emotional struggles. Dr. Hick is one of the most professional and authentic individuals I know."
~ Drina Nibbe, LMFT, Colleague, Marriage and Family Therapist

Ella Blumer, Psy.D.

"I have had the wonderful experience of both training under and working with Dr. Hick. She is a thoughtful and skilled clinician, who is passionate about helping clients achieve their goals. Dr. Hick and I co-facilitated a trauma group during which she demonstrated incredible sensitivity, compassion, and therapeutic skill to help clients find their voices, work thru painful experiences, and develop healthier relationships with themselves and others. I highly recommend Dr. Hick as a clinician." ~ Ella Blumer, Psy.D., Colleague, Former Supervisee, and Clinical Psychologist

Henry Dooley, Psy.D.

"I highly recommend Dr. Hick to anyone who wants to enhance their relationships or their life in general. Whether you are struggling to find a fulfilling relationship, or if you just want help enhancing your current relationship, Dr. Hick is an invaluable resource. As a mental health care provider, I refer to Dr. Hick with confidence, because I know that people that I send to her will receive competent, compassionate care that will help them transform their lives."
~Henry Dooley, Psy.D., Colleague and Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Marian Camden, Psy.D.

"Dr. Hick is a wonderful psychologist who does particularly fine work with relationship issues. I consult with her frequently and happily recommend clients to her." ~Marian Camden, Psy.D., Colleague and Clinical Psychologist

Bruce Barr

"I network with a lot of people, and I have no problems at all in recommending Dr. Kristen for anyone requiring her services. She is very sincere in her desire to help others and really listens to what others have to say. Through our interactions, I have seen how much she truly cares about the needs of those with whom she comes into contact." ~ Bruce Barr

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