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Is Therapy Right for Me?

Women talking with a psychologist

When you are motivated to change and improve your life, there are a myriad of avenues within your reach to help you get there. In today’s hyper-connected world, you probably rely on a wide range of solutions to help meet life’s goals – everything from accountability apps, to self-help books, to online support groups, to life coaches – especially if you are serious about a shift in life.

The option that may not immediately come to mind or may present some further questions about how it could help, is therapy. You’ve probably asked yourself, “How will this strategy help me realize my goals and dreams and more importantly, ...

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4 Tell-tale signs you know it's time to move forward with a divorce

girl looking at mountains alone

It might be the most difficult decision you’ve made your entire live, and the one that will most impact your future happiness:

“Should I get a divorce?”

If you’ve been deliberating about whether you can truly stay in a marriage and be happy and fulfilled, chances are you’ve weighed the pros and cons, talked with trusted friends, engaged in some individual or couples counseling, and read a fair number of online blogs that discuss the ...

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The power of Manifestation: 6 steps to help set successful New Year’s intentions

Lady pinning new years intentions to a vision board

It’s that time of year when almost everyone takes time to reflect on the year’s past and look forward to needed changes as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s eve. While it’s important to engage in evaluation practices and set short-term goals throughout the year, here are some tips for setting and reaching realistic goals in every part of your life – whether that be around relationships, professional aspirations, or health and wellness pursuits.

1. Understand why

So often we overcommit to a long list of goals as the new year approaches. Some of the most common new year’s resolutions are around fitness commitments, job changes, and relationship improvements. Social ...

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Ways to Bring Closure to Your Year

The holidays are a powerful, reflective time of the year and the transition to a new year often necessitates a sense of introspection about our impact in the world. Many of you may look back on 2016 and remember fondly the good that came into your life. Whereas, others may feel a sense of loss, anger, tragedy, and/or heartache, and anxiously await for this dreadful year to end so that you can begin again in the New Year.

Many of our clients at Center for Shared Insight are committed to a continuous process of self-reflection and improvement and our therapists work with these clients – from all walks of life – ...

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Top Relationship Questions: Why am I quick to dismiss a relationship? Why do I hold on too long?

Man kissing woman on forehead

Relationships with others are a complex, fascinating dynamic that most of us spend our entire life trying to understand, master, and continuously improve. The way we show up in a partnership today is a culmination of the experiences in relationships throughout our lives – those with parents, siblings, relatives, teachers, and other loved ones. This collective experience creates our current relationship attachment system and guides our decisions about relationships moving forward.

The role of your attachment system

Many have heard about attachment, but fewer people understand what it is and how it affects relationships. Attachment refers to the emotional and physical bond that is created between an infant ...

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How to Prepare for a Solo Holiday

Women with her dog on Christmas alone and happy

The holidays are classically known as a joyful time to unite with friends, family, and loved ones. The media portrays a consistent image that the holidays are a blissful time of reunion and generosity. This experience is most likely the ideal. Yet, thousands of people are coming out of a breakup or divorce each year during the holidays and learning to cope with feelings of loneliness for perhaps even the first time during this season. Others find themselves unable to travel to spend time with loved ones due to financial or work constraints. Below we’ll outline ways to proactively plan and celebrate a joyful, solo holiday season.

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Politics + Love: 3 Ways to survive political differences in relationships and families

Couple disappointed and arguing

It’s often true that differing opinions can enrich and positively affect a relationship – whether that be a romantic relationship, friendship, or family dynamic. Not seeing eye-to-eye can oftentimes lead to embracing important values like empathy and can help broaden our personal perspectives. Stepping into another’s shoes and listening to his/her opinion on important issues can be an opportunity to learn and grow. This ...

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