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Coping with Divorce and Break-Ups at the holidays

Woman drinking coffee at holidays

Saying goodbye to a relationship or even a marriage is tough under any conditions. When these separations happen around the holidays, the grief can be particularly hard to manage. In my work as a Denver therapist, I help clients coping with loss of all kinds all throughout the year, but the loss of a significant relationship around the holidays is often the most challenging.

Below you’ll find ways to address the feelings you may experience during this time of year that is traditionally one filled with joy and togetherness.

Reframe the Loss

While it’s easy to feel the absence of your beloved, this holiday season is also ...

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Top Parenting Resources

Family spending time together

Parenting is likely the most fulfilling and challenging role if your life. No matter the age of your kids, days are filled with a mix of highs and lows, often leaving you with questions about the best approach to raising children in this day and age, as well as the impact the responsibility of kids have on your relationship with your spouse or significant other.

In my work as a Denver therapist, I find that therapy tends to help parents feel more supported as they have a neutral party to talk through challenges around their kids and the impact those are having on their primary romantic relationship. Below, we’ve ...

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3 Strategies for Making Self Care a Lifestyle

Girl soaking up nature

Self care is a trendy topic, with articles suggesting that nightly baths and weekly pedicures might be the road to a more balanced life. While a little pampering can go a long way in alleviating stress, it’s just the tip of the iceberg when we examine real self care strategies.

In our work as therapists at Center for Shared Insight, PC, we take self care to the next level and help clients understand the deeper ways they feel nurtured and rejuvenated, and encourage regular self care rituals that go beyond pampering. Here are three long-term self care strategies that will help you show up as your best self more ...

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4 Ways to Practice Gratitude in Difficult Times

girl arms wide into the sunshine

It’s that time of year when gratitude is top of mind for many. During Thanksgiving month, we see consistent reminders of this word painted on festive candles, hand towels, and other decor. We see it in news headlines and it’s posted all over social media.

As a daily practice, gratitude has been proven to lead to more happiness, fulfillment, and joy. However, when life is difficult due to unwanted change, hardship, news headlines, or loneliness, sometimes feeling thankful for all your have might feel out of reach. More than ever, it’s these times when gratitude is truly essential.

Here are four ways to practice gratitude in difficult times.


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Overcoming Relationship Anxiety and Self-Blame

man holding woman

Have you ever been in a relationship and always felt like you were doing something wrong or something bad was about to happen? Do you have the tendency to blame yourself when things weren’t going as smoothly as you had hoped? Did you find yourself making up stories to explain your partner’s behavior without confirmation from him or her about what was occurring?

As relationship therapists, we often see individuals in our Denver office who tend to blame themselves, make up stories, or lose a sense of objectivity when trying to determine why a relationship isn’t progressing in the way they want it to. This tendency is particularly strong ...

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Top Relationship Resources

girl laying in grass reading and listening to podcast

Living in a digital age with endless content can be overwhelming. In my work as a Denver therapist, I often hear from clients that they’ve researched a topic related to relationships on the internet, and haven’t always received the best advice from forums or unreliable sources.

Below you’ll find a collection of top relationship resources that provide solid insight backed by research in a variety of formats.

Old-Fashioned Print Books

There is something almost therapeutic itself about holding a book and the ritual of reading. Here are some top books to consider if you want to better understand both yourself and your relationship dynamics. (Note: All can be found ...

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My Relationship Felt so “Easy” in the Beginning – What Went Wrong?

Couple walking on path between trees

In my work as a relationship therapist, I help clients overcome a variety of relationship challenges by helping provide insights into their experiences and strategies for overcoming common roadblocks.

A challenge I often hear about as a relationship therapist is that the beginning of a relationship felt “easy” and months – or years – later, one or both partners are now trying to understand why things are challenging as the relationship progresses. Along with that ease, the couple experienced a notable “spark” early on, accompanied by an all-consuming feeling. Some clients assume that this ease, intense attraction, and chemistry are indicators of a sustainable relationship and they continue ...

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