Therapy for Couples


When things aren’t right with the one you love, your whole life can seem out of balance. You may have grown unsatisfied with aspects of your relationship, want to deepen your connection to each other, or you may be preparing to enter into marriage and want to resolve any potential difficulties.

Couple’s therapy helps you and your loved one identify the relationship you both want to have, the relational patterns that are leading you two away from that vision, and develop relationship skills to connect, communicate, and grow together.

Areas that I can help you and your partner with:

  • Adjustment to life events, such as cohabitation, marriage, child birth, infertility, blended families, job loss/changes
  • Learning how to communicate to decrease fighting and increase being heard by your partner
  • Enhancing relationship satisfaction
  • LGBTQ and multicultural issues
  • Parenting, co-parenting, and step-parenting
  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Coping with military life
  • Enhancing emotional and physical intimacy
  • Recovering from affairs
  • Separation and divorce
  • Sexual functioning
  • Polyamorous and Open Relationships, Kink and Sex Positivity

At Center for Shared Insight, our couples therapists help you understand your attachment and communication styles, build skills to communicate and relate in more satisfying ways, and create a plan to work on your relationship vision.  

Contact our intake team today to learn how couples therapy at CSIP can help you and your partner.