Therapy for Premarital Couples

The prospect of marriage can bring on a range of emotions from excitement to stress. Premarital counseling can help couples identify their strengths and identify and address growth areas. Premarital counseling will create or enhance healthy communication and intimacy that will help a couple through the stress of planning a wedding and their future marriage. 

What Can You Expect?

Our Premarital Program model is designed for busy couples who want to get to the important stuff, help you focus on how to prepare for marriage and enrich your relationship, and then get on with your happily ever after. 

Areas that will be addressed include:

  • Communication
  • Conflict style
  • Relationship satisfaction
  • Financial management 
  • Family planning
  • Sexual expectations 
  • Family and friends
  • Relationship roles 
  • Personality types 
  • Marriage expectations 
  • Family expectations 


  • Total Time Investment: Couples can expect to attend 12-15 sessions in total
  • Assessment Sessions: 3 assessment sessions, including 1- 90 minute session as a couple and 2 - 50 minute sessions with each partner 
  • Premarital Skills Sessions: Your premarital therapist will review the results of the initial assessments with you as a couple and the remaining 9-12 - 50 minute sessions will be dedicated to the specific skills you and your partner need to address to prepare and enrich your relationship. 

At Center for Shared Insight, our couples therapists help you understand your attachment and communication styles, build skills to communicate and relate in more satisfying ways, and create a plan to work on your relationship vision.?

Contact our intake team today to learn how premarital couples therapy at CSIP can help you and your partner.