Therapy for Teens

Recognize Adolescent Signs of Stress

  • Does your adolescent seem sad, moody, worried, or withdrawn from family and/or friends?
  • Has a teacher mentioned changes in their ability to focus, complete assignments, or interact with peers?
  • Does your teen frequently report stomach aches or headaches and refuse to attend school?
  • Does your teen seem overly concerned with their body or weight?
  • Is your adolescent having trouble sleeping?
  • Are you concerned with the group of friends your teen is hanging out with?
  • Does your teen need help realizing and pursuing his/her interests, talents or goals?
  • Does your teen experience stress related to his/her dating relations?
  • Does he/she appear overwhelmed with stress related to school or sports, difficulty making friends, or being bullied?

Helping each teen succeed

As a parent, you want your teen to thrive in all aspects of life, which is why it is so painful to see them struggle. If this sounds like your adolescent, it is important to know that he/she is not alone. Teens often display signs of stress differently than adults, resulting in parents feeling at a loss of how to help.

Our approach focuses on relationship issues within a teen’s life, including relationships with parents, siblings, teachers, friends, and in dating. All too often, issues in a teen’s relationships contribute to issues in other areas of life. Our therapist's approach involves strategies tailored to your teen’s age, interests, and abilities, focused on assessing his/her strengths as well as challenges.

Therapy helps your teen learn how to adapt to change or loss, learn coping skills, make healthy friends and dating choices, perform better in school, and express themselves in healthy, prosocial ways. Therapy ultimately helps your teen develop a strong social support system, vital to their success. Center for Shared Insight's therapists, in Denver, Colorado, works collaboratively with parents, teachers, and pediatricians to help your teen function better in all aspects of life. 

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