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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Therapy for Trauma and Abuse

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Therapy for Trauma and Abuse

Choosing a therapist who's right for you is perhaps the most important, yet difficult part of beginning therapy. Finding a good therapist-client fit is important in helping you feel understood, invested in the process, and making progress.

We've outlined five aspects of how to choose a therapist that's right for you in this short video.

Contact our team with questions and learn which therapist might be the right fit for you.


We understand that you may have been in therapy before and may have had a less-than-favorable experience. Our team of therapists are committed to providing confidential, ethical, professional, and evidenced-based treatment based on the philosophy of attachment theory. Our approach also focuses on the source of the problem and solution – you. By helping you improve your relationship to yourself, and understanding the underlying reasons for challenges, you develop skills to improve your relationship with others.

Many people believe that therapy is not for them because they’ve been told that entering therapy means they are “weak” or “going crazy.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Having the courage to ask for help during a time of need is a source of strength and a sign of health. Therapy helps people with all kinds of concerns, from mild, everyday concerns to more serious emotional and behavioral issues. Contact our team of Denver psychologists, and learn how therapy can benefit you.

All psychologists at Center for Shared Insight are mental health professionals with various specialties, education and training requirements.

UNLICENSED PSYCHOTHERAPISTS (formerly called Registered Psychotherapists in CO before 7/2020) is a psychotherapist listed in the State's database authorized to practice psychotherapy in Colorado but not licensed by the state and not required to satisfy any standardized educational or testing requirements to obtain a registration from the state.

A LICENSED CLINICAL SOCIAL WORKER (LCSW), LICENSED PROFESSIONAL COUNSELOR (LCPC), or MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPIST (LMFT) completes a master’s degree in social work, counseling or marriage and family therapy, must have a minimum of two years of supervised clinical experience, and is required to pass a state licensed exam.

A LICENSED PSYCHOLOGIST (PH.D. OR PSY.D.) must complete a doctoral program in psychology (Ph.D. or Psy.D.), be trained in theory and practice of psychotherapy, diagnosis, assessment, research and treatment of mental disorders and administration of psychological tests. He or she also must perform a minimum of two years of supervised clinical experience and pass a state licensed exam.

A PSYCHIATRIST completes a full medical degree equivalent to any other Medical Doctor (MD) with specialty training in psychology and psychiatric medications and is the only mental health professional who is able to prescribe medications in Colorado. Some offer psychotherapy, but most focus on the prescription of psychiatric medications and they are required to pass state licensed exams.

The most important aspect of successful, helpful therapy is confidentiality. Confidentiality means that what is said in therapy, stays between the therapist and client (and a minor’s parents) only. Therapy is often the only place where individuals discuss particularly sensitive, private matters. Knowing that your information is kept private is crucial to being able to talk about these concerns. Center for Shared Insight is only able to disclose a client’s personal information, for example, to coordinate care with your physician or teacher, if a client provides written permission to do so.

State law and professional ethics require that Center for Shared Insight maintains confidentiality, except in the following cases:

  • Suspected child, dependent adult, or elder adult abuse or neglect
  • If a client is threatening serious bodily harm to another person(s)
  • If a client intends to harm himself/herself

Center for Shared Insight is an out-of-network insurance provider. To learn about coverage for your treatment, please contact your insurance company with the following questions:

  • Do I have mental health benefits for out-of-network providers?
  • What is my out-of-network deductible and has it been met?
  • How many sessions per calendar year does my plan cover?
  • How much does my plan cover for an out-of-network provider?
  • What is the coverage amount per therapy session?
  • Is approval required from my primary care physician?
  • What exact information is necessary to submit for reimbursement (i.e., diagnosis code, provider tax ID, etc.)?

In some cases, you may elect to not use your insurance to pay for therapy services, for example, to protect access to your personal health information, which insurance requires in order to pay for treatment.

Length of treatment depends on the presenting concern – some issues are treated in a shorter amount of time; whereas, more complex or long-standing issues may require more time and attention. During the initial sessions, a treatment plan will be developed, including short and long-term goals.

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