Group Therapy for Postpartum Moms

mom kissing her baby

  • Are you a mom struggling with feelings of sadness, worry, irrational fears, panic, insomnia, mood swings, or anxiety since the birth of your child?
  • Have you been afraid to voice your feelings during what “should be” a happy time in your life?
  • Have you experienced postpartum depression or anxiety issues before and are now pregnant again?
  • Do you feel like your are "failing" at juggling all the demands of motherhood, work, your relationships and/or older children since giving birth?
  • Do you live away from family and friends and feel like you could use some consistent support to help you through this time?
  • Could you benefit from feeling supported by other moms experiencing similar challenges and fears, while growing in strength together?

One in five women experience postpartum depression or anxiety and most lack the space or support to talk about it.

Supporting postpartum moms is a group that provides support, compassion, and encouragement for women experiencing difficult feelings after the birth of a child or in preparation for another baby. We’re here to help you feel supported through this immense transition in your life, while gaining a better understanding of the impact of perinatal and postpartum depression and anxiety on Moms, babies, and families. Join us as we build connection through our unique and similar stories and heal from our postpartum worries and fears. Supporting Postpartum Moms is here for you and your baby.


Who: Supporting Postpartum Moms is a support group for women who are:

  • Currently experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety following childbirth

  • Pregnant women with a history of postpartum anxiety and depression symptoms

When: Thursdays starting in March (time to be determined and based on interest) 

Where: Center for Shared Insight, located at 1780 S. Bellaire St., Suite 125, Denver, CO 80222

Commitment: Moms are asked to commit to attending at least 5 group sessions

Babies welcome!

For more information and to schedule a free intake contact Center for Shared Insight: