Therapy for Divorce and Break-Up Recovery

couple, divorceCoping with a break-up or divorce is oftentimes a complex, multi-phase process. While sometimes divorced adults deal with the phases of separation as a continuous process, it's unfortunately more common to see divorces finally dealt with years after the initial separation. While divorce can be profoundly challenging, having the right support of a professional guide you through the stages of grief and healing can have an instrumental effect on future relationships.

Dr. Hick navigates you through the steps of healing post-divorce, and explores the impact of parties involved including families, friends, children, professional networks, neighbors, and others. Proactive divorce recovery is essential to long-term emotional health and happiness. Gain the tools and insight you need for recovery with Dr. Hick, Denver relationship therapist. Contact her today.

Check out Dr. Hick's Women's Divorce Group that can help you through the stages of the divorce process.