Therapy for Love & Relationship Addiction

roller coaster

  • Do you feel like you are on a perpetual relationship roller coaster?

  • Do you notice a familiar pattern of intense positive and negative emotions reoccurring in your relationships?

  • Do you feel like you disregard or minimize “red flags” because he/she is “better than nothing” or you hope that he/she will change?

  • Do you feel lonely, worthless, or empty when you are not in a relationship with someone and quickly jump into a relationship to avoid these feelings?

  • Are your friends/family growing tired of hearing the same love story from you?


Addiction can be described as a chronic compulsion, or a repetitive pattern. Love addiction particularly involves using relationships to sooth and comfort, and as a way to numb or medicate feelings. The word "addiction" generally implies negative consequences and changing a chronic pattern requires consistent, committed support.

Love and relationship addiction are complex dynamics to understand and navigate as, by our human nature, we are beings that instinctively seek and need attachment to survive. Addiction and love intersect when our self-worth and validation are connected to love and relationships, resulting in a chronic pursuit that becomes an obsession and compulsion. Love addiction develops in phases and a temporary lack of relationship for the addicted can sometimes lead to depression and other severe emotional consequences.

While it might be difficult to understand whether you are truly "addicted" to love and relationships, talking with a professional therapist can help you navigate your feelings, and implement tools to cope with the all-consuming desire to find love. Love addiction can sometimes be wrapped in shame and other complex emotions, and Dr. Kristen Hick can help begin sorting through the complicated addiction to love. Contact Dr. Hick to discuss a path to understanding and healing.

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