Therapy for Dating and Relationships

Ask Yourself...

  • Do you feel anxious when starting to date someone new or when you get into a relationship?
  • Does it seem like you keep dating/marrying the same kind of person, and it ends the same way each time?
  • Do you find yourself altering your appearance, behavior, values or beliefs to attract or please a partner?
  • Do you feel like you cannot date/marry/commit yourself to someone because your family or friends don’t approve?
  • Do you have trouble feeling “seen” or “heard” in relationships – is your voice being heard?
  • Do you notice yourself sabotaging relationships?
  • Do you feel scared that he/she will leave you, reject you, or put your down if you are your true self?
  • Do you feel like you disregard “red flags” because he/she is “better than nothing” or you hope that he/she will change?
  • Do you want to go to couples/marital counseling, but have a partner who refuses to attend with you?


People develop certain relationship and coping skills during childhood and adolescence that are the result of circumstances at that given time. Sometimes these skills are necessary to have needs met, to feel cared for, and in some cases, to physically and/or emotionally survive. Unfortunately, these skills typically become less effective as you become an adult and may be causing problems in your adult relationships around maintaining trust, communication, resolving conflict, boundaries, intimacy and maintaining a sense of self while in relationship.


Is COVID-19 creating more anxiety in your life around dating? Do you constantly wonder when this pandemic will end so you can get back to dating? Are you concerned about how coronavirus will change your ability to date "normally" moving forward? We understand how frustrating this time can be, and we can help. Contact us to schedule an online therapy session.

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Individual Relationship Therapy

You may desire a meaningful relationship but can’t seem to find it or the right one, or the opposite, and you can’t seem to commit or “settle down.” Or perhaps, you struggle to communicate, to be intimate, or resolve conflict. You may experience anxiety when in relationships that leads you to stop relationships before they can start.

In any of these cases, relationship therapy can help. At Center for Shared Insight, our Denver relationship therapists help you understand what is no longer working, how it impacts you, and how to change these patterns to enhance your relationships, especially the one with yourself. We offer relationship therapy focused on personal development, as well as love addiction, divorce, dating, and marriage.

Contact us today to see how our specialized team of therapists can help. Read more on our blog about dating, relationships, and beyond.

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