Therapy for Depression

You’ve heard the line – depression has many faces. Well, it’s true. Depression is a clinical term that often gets dismissed because people think, “I’m not crying and sad, and therefore, I can’t be depressed.” The truth is, some people who experience depression are tearful and sad, while others are not.

The exact expression of depression can take many forms and affects some or all areas of your life. You may have experienced a low-grade emotional malaise-type depression (e.g., feeling “blah”) for the better part of your life. Or, you may describe feeling pretty good until a certain life event, transition or loss occurred, and you just haven’t felt like yourself since. Or, you may identify with having several moderate to severe bouts of depression at various points in your life.

Regardless of what the portrait of depression looks like, it has probably prevented you from engaging in life fully in the way you hoped to. It may have prevented you from achieving in school because your mind was elsewhere. It may have led you to believe that you would never obtain the love you desire or caused you to self-sabotage potential relationships. It could even be preventing you from stepping into that next big role at work because your lows keep you low or because it's difficult to see the potential that others see in you.

What Does Depression Look Like?Woman experiencing depression

  • Low energy
  • Lack of interest in activities, hobbies or responsibilities you once felt interested in
  • Change in appetite (more or less)
  • Change in libido (sexual interest or desire)
  • Irritability or easily angered
  • Thoughts or actions indicating a desire to die or not live anymore
  • Tearfulness or crying
  • Sadness
  • A sense of hopelessness about a situation or your future
  • Generally feeling “blah” about life, work, school, or relationships
  • Not feeling like yourself and not knowing why

If you identified with some or all of these signs, you may be experiencing some level of depression. If so, therapy can offer a solution and help you begin feeling like yourself again, or perhaps, like a new version of yourself. Therapy with a trained professional can help you identify the source of the depression and then develop a plan to change thought patterns, behaviors, and your interactions with others to bring forth change.

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