Free Ebook: Fearless Living and Loving

In the "Fearless Living & Loving" ebook, psychologist Dr. Kristen Hick outlines how to live fearlessly for a more fulfilling life, with authentic dating experiences and couple on a motorcyclerelationships. Using skiing as a metaphor, Dr. Hick details her personal experience in transitioning from fear as a roadblock to fear as a tool.

Dr. Hick believes that “Fearless living and loving is not reckless living or loving. Fearlessness is approaching healthy, growth-worthy relationships, behaviors, and tasks without fear, or sometimes, with fear but the will to move past that fear quickly. It is strategic, mindful, and growth-inspiring.”

The team at Center for Shared Insight offers this free ebook to anyone interested in stepping outside their comfort zone to challenge limiting beliefs about love and life. In this ebook, you’ll discover tools to identify and overcome your fears including:

  • How to set and measure fearless goals
  • Actionable, daily ideas for living a more fearless life
  • Understanding the role of fear in relationships and sex
  • The power of self-reflection on the road to fearlessness

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