Therapy for Pregnancy, Infertility, and Postpartum Health

mom holding baby

Pregnancy and the birth of a baby can trigger a jumble of powerful emotions, from excitement and joy to fear and anxiety.

Pregnancy can be a time of overwhelm and uncertainty. Preparing for baby, and adapting to a new body and new life can sometimes trigger sadness, anxiety, and general stress. Dr. Hick, Denver therapist, helps navigates those challenges and provides a neutral place to share concerns about the important transition to parenthood.

Dr. Hick is a therapist in Denver who helps navigates those challenges and provides a neutral place to share concerns about the important transition to parenthood.

It is relatively common for new moms to experience what are called "postpartum blues" after childbirth. These feelings are due to a rapid hormonal shifts following childbirth and the life adjustments that follow. Symptoms usually start soon after childbirth and remit after a couple weeks, though some report symptoms last for months. 

Postpartum Blues Symptoms

  • Sadness

  • Irritability

  • Worry

  • Tearfulness

  • Anxiety

If left untreated, these postpartum blues can evolve into a depression that can prevent full enjoyment of the early days with baby. This often negatively effects other relationships, such as those with loved ones and colleagues, as a new parent.

In some cases, the symptoms last beyond the first couple weeks, or start after that time, and can last as long as a year after giving birth, but sometimes longer. Symptoms of postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety cause more difficulty and can impact several areas of life. 

Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

  • Withdrawal

  • Inadequacy

  • Sadness, depressed mood, or mood swings

  • Not feeling like oneself

  • Excessive worry

  • Irrational fears about harm to yourself or your baby

  • Feelings of worthlessness, guilt and/or incompetence

  • Confusion

  • Sleep disturbance

  • Excessive crying

  • Rage

  • Misperceiving situations or events

  • Suicidal thoughts

  • Changes in appetite, weight and/or interest in pleasurable activities/interests

If you are experiencing a sense of overwhelm or uncertainty related to pregnancy, childbirth, or motherhood contact Center for Shared Insight, PC for the support you need and deserve during this challenging time.

Additionally, below you'll find top resources to aid in processing pre and postpartum thoughts and feelings:

  • Your OB/GYN or midwife.

  • A postpartum doula (and she can help with housework and baby!)

  • A therapist who is experienced with maternal mental health

  • A physician and/or psychiatrist

  • Postpartum support groups

  • Postpartum yoga classes (baby and me)

  • Breastfeeding support groups

  • A commitment to self-care including nutrition, exercise, sleep, showers, and time away

  • Online resources including blogs and groups

  • Mom’s groups for support, exercise, playdates, and fun. Check meet-up or local churches for options.