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Spring Relationship Revival (Part II): Dating Renewal Plan

March 29, 2016
Posted By: Kristen Hick, Psy.D.
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Spring is finally here and with that comes new life and renewed energy for life and love. As we embrace the season of renewal, spring provides an ideal backdrop for meaningful reconnection, and if you’re single, an opportunity to refresh the outlook on your love life.

In your not-so-distant past, the long Winter months made it easy to fall into stale routines. Whether you lost sight of health and fitness goals, fell out of touch with important friendships, picked up some unhealthy self-care habits, or gave up on dating to hibernate on your comfy couch -- Winter likely was a time of losing connection to what made you feel alive. Spring is a great time to embark on transitioning back to what makes you feel happy, healthy, and connected.

Below you’ll find our spring renewal game plan - especially for singles - including ideas to support romance as we head into nature’s season of all things fresh and new.

Spring Cleaning for Singles

Winter can be a time to easily collect excess baggage -- physically, emotionally, and practically. The clearing rituals of Spring are symbolic of making space for what is next and new in life. If romantic partnership is a goal, consider our steps towards that vision below as spring provides the perfect environment for change.

  1. Organize your life. There is a reason why “spring cleaning” is such an important and widely-practiced ritual. What surrounds you greatly affects your energy and oftentimes stuff is really emotional baggage and unfinished business that's standing in your way. There are a myriad of theories out there about how to clear clutter to make space for new energy and love. Beyond your home, tighten up your calendar and carve out time for both work and play, including exercise, social obligations, and even scheduled downtime. A sense of healthy control in life creates space consciously chose something new -- like a relationship.
  2. Consider a fitness regime. Pick an activity that fuels your self-esteem and provides a haven to feel good in your body, and a place to meet other people. Ask yourself what exercise you truly enjoy -- whether that be hiking, kickboxing, or yoga -- and search for a meetup or classes that truly make you happy. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people who enjoy the activities that you enjoy can only support your odds of meeting like-minded singles.  
  3. Keep friendships alive. When you are in relationship or seeking partnership, it’s easy to invest all your energy there and spend less time in supportive circles of friends. Avoid sending your friends into the background, and instead, recognize how these friends provide even bigger circles of people socially similar to you, and how your next partner might just be a “friend of a friend”. Friends are often the best matchmakers, so spend time in these circles or even host a get-together of your own. Let people know that you are looking for a relationship and enlist their help in supporting your search.
  4. Make a change. Whether it’s a new hairstyle or a new routine, change stimulates growth. Subscribe to a monthly wardrobe service to spruce up your closet, indulge in a new hobby you’ve been wanting to explore, attend a lecture series, and begin to fall in love with your own life. The happiest and most confident people are the most attractive, and surrounding yourself with people who enjoy similar activities can only be a positive thing. Pursue life with a sense of adventure and exuberance.
  5. Go on dates. Even if you are unsure about the friend-of-a-friend you were set up with or questioning an online profile, go. Every date is a lesson to help understand what you like and need, and an opportunity to connect with someone. Be yourself and fearlessly say yes as you have nothing to lose.

Let the warmth and renewed sense of hope infiltrate every part of your season. Whether in relationship and seeking renewal, or single and reinvigorated about the prospect of dating, know that Center for Shared Insight is a resource supporting all stages of relationship.

Contact Dr. Hick, relationship therapist, for an even more customized approach to the season of relationship and personal renewal.

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